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These are sweaters for young girls. Teen sized sweaters are found in the woman's sections.

Click on any sweater to see a series of larger sized photographs of that particular sweater.

# 607-038


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Lovely angora cardigan sweaters by J. Crew, in girl's or X-small woman's sizes

Beige - Small


# 607-038


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Lovely angora cardigan sweaters by J. Crew, in girl's or X-small woman's sizes

Red - Medium


# 605-021


Girl's Ivory mohair shrug w/gold metallic thread knit-in

Small Girls


# 608-033


Turquoise-aqua 70% angora sleeveless sweater-vest by Esprit

Small (32)


# 610-076



Child's White classis retro cable-knit V-Neck tennis sweater by Bille-Knit

Child's Medium 8-12


# 316-019


Girls Natural white soft silk-angora zipper-front cardigan by Eastside - Westside

Medium (34)

# 316-035


Girl's Green 70% angora crewneck pullover with multi-color striped design across top by Limited Too

Size S/10

# 316-036


Girl's Grey soft & fuzzy 70% angora short-sleeve v-neck pullover by Limited Too

Size XL/16

# 16-17



Ultra fuzzy mohair vest!

Check out the photos on this rare find.

This fuzzy mohair vest in size XS or Large is a rare find. Its 60% mohair and 27% wool content give it a wonderful texture, plus it comes with a cotton lining which means no itching!


# 031-002b


Girl's Blue with colored stripes mohair-blend cardigan by the Gap


# 604-001



Girl's Black angora hoodie sweater with hook & loop closures by Bebe

Size 36

Sorry, Sold


# 310-004


Navy blue angora crewneck

Size 30

Sorry, Sold


# 098-046


Girl's white angora vest with pastel stripes for trim, by Limited Too

Sizes: 14 & 16

# 51-01

Wonderfully Fuzzy

Brushed Mohair Coat

Size 14

# 329-004

Royal blue shaggy mohair retro round-neck cardigan by Garland

Medium (36)

Sorry, Sold


# 110-004


Girl's grey angora-silk zipper-polo-neck pullover by 5-7-9


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