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Luxurious hand-knit mohair sweaters.  These sweaters are an exclusive, produced only for Scott's Sweaters, so you won't find them anywhere else.

Made with two-strands of 70% mohair, these are a rather heavy sweater, weighing-in at a little over three pounds (1.36kg), with a shipping weight of four pounds (1.82kg).

Only purchase one of these sweaters for someone you really care for.

Other sizes & colors (see selection below) available by special order.

Care: Hand-wash 86f/20c or dry clean (clean, PCE only); Dry flat, no tumble dry,

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Camel #95

White #55

Lt. Brown #07


White #55- Camel #95 - Lt. Brown #07

New Turtleneck Version!

Click on the following photograph to see more of this Turtleneck sweater.

Lt. Brown #07

New V-neck Version!

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Camel #95

If you like your sweater really fuzzy, they brush-up rather nicely.  Click here to see a comparison.

Yarn colors available for custom orders...

Measurements 38 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56
Chest 38"/97cm 42"/107cm 44"/112cm 46"117/cm 48"122/cm 50"/126cm 52"/132cm 54"/cm 56"/142cm
(shoulder to cuff)
26"/66cm 26"/66cm 26"/66cm 26"/66cm 26"/66cm 28"/71cm 28"/71cm 26"/66cm 28"/71cm
(Mid-shoulder to bottom)
26"/66cm 26"/66cm 27"/69cm 27"/69cm 27"/69cm 29"/74cm 29"/74cm 28"/71cm 29"/74cm

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