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Here are a few Before & After photographs showing how nicely this sweater brushes-up, if you like your sweaters very fuzzy.  It took me about an hour to brush this sweater.

700-035wht-Josht.jpg DSC_0032 copy.jpg


White #55
White #55

Yarn colors available...

Measurements 38 42 44 48 50 52 54 56
Chest 38"/97cm 42"/107cm 44"/112cm 48"122/cm 50"/126cm 52"/132cm 54"/cm 56"/142cm
(shoulder to cuff)
26"/66cm 26"/66cm 26"/66cm 26"/66cm 28"/71cm 28"/71cm 26"/66cm 28"/71cm
(Mid-shoulder to bottom)
26"/66cm 26"/66cm 27"/69cm 27"/69cm 29"/74cm 29"/74cm 28"/71cm 27"/69cm


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