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Bulky-weight very fuzzy long-hair mohair yarn was used to make wonderful hand-knit men's sweater.  Good thing mohair is a rather light fiber, or this sweater would be much too heavy; it has the weight of jacket.

If you like your sweaters soft and very fuzzy, this sweater has tremendous potential.  I spent 30 seconds giving this a quick brushing.  A few more minutes with a stiff brush will turn this sweater into a wooly mammoth.

This is a sweater for a large man, in that it has very broad shoulders, extra long overall length and sleeves, so please double-check the exact measurements below.  The sleeves are knit in a drop-shoulder design.  So rather than measuring from the shoulder seam to the cuff, I measured from where the sweater drops off the shoulder (as seen on the mannequin below) to the cuff.

Chest 48-52"/122-132cm
(shoulder to cuff)
(Mid-shoulder to bottom)



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